The Investment Process

After your advisor has received all the necessary financial information, our team will prepare a report of all assets. We work closely with each one of our clients to determine your ultimate objectives and expectations for your financial goals.

After discussing each client’s goals and risk tolerance, we review the appropriate investment strategies that fits your financial needs and objectives.

A customized financial plan & asset allocation is designed for you.

After reviewing the plans details with our clients, we put the plan into motion. Ramirez investment process blends "top down" macro analysis with rigorous bottom-up security analysis to optimize client portfolios. We focus on finding high quality undervalued sectors and perform security analysis utilizing proprietary models.

Semiannual meetings are required to discuss this plan and performance for your portfolio. The plan and investments are rebalanced based on changing needs and market opportunities, to maximize returns and tax efficiency and minimize risk.

At Ramirez, we offer robust performance reporting that is available on a daily basis.