Ramirez Financial and Credit Strategy

Financial Strategies Group (FSG)

Our Financial Strategy Group is led by three Ph.D.s, who apply academic theory and macroeconomics to topical corporate finance and portfolio management issues. Our sales, trading and underwriting capabilities include extensive coverage of Tier 1 to Tier 3 accounts, with access to the primary market, very active secondary market trading and market making, as well as credit and strategy support to our clients.

Credit and Market Strategy (CMS)

The Ramirez Municipal Credit and Market Strategy (CMS) team oversees the municipal credit risk needs of our clients and the Firm for primary market, secondary market, and regulatory/compliance purposes. Ramirez CMS regularly monitors a broad universe of issuers, sectors, and macro topics that impact the municipal bond market for the Firms’ institutional and retail trading desks, as well for client-facing needs. On the primary market side, CMS manages the flow of credit information between the new issue syndicate desk and institutional investors for all senior-managed and co-managed underwriting mandates. CMS weekly publications include a Pre-Sale Summary for every Ramirez-managed transaction as well as a weekly newsletter, Municipal Market Weekly. Our team is frequently cited in the Bond Buyer and Bloomberg News on topics affecting the municipal market.

Meet Our Team

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