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Corporate Finance Advisory

FSG provides balance sheet optimization strategies for corporate and governmental clients. We differentiate Ramirez & Co.’s investment banking by working with bankers to formulate comprehensive solutions for clients’ balance sheet needs.

The group draws on cutting-edge academic research, quantitative and empirical analysis, and on its proximity to capital markets to provide pragmatic solutions to its clients. Our comprehensive solutions incorporate optimal capital structure and debt capacity analysis, optimal cash balance, maturity profile and currency mix of debt, risk management, and corporate payout policy.

FSG’s analytical tools allow it to consider a broad array of specific structuring questions. For instance, FSG has applied its expertise to answering questions concerning the value of contingent liabilities, assessments of the financial risk inherent in investing in developing economies, and asset liability management for corporate and governmental clients.

We have worked in almost all industries and around the globe. FSG is headed by Niso Abuaf, a former Chicago academic with over twenty five years of Wall Street experience. Niso is assisted by a team specializing in quantitative analysis and financial economics.

Our basic analysis, the Financial Checkup, covers a wide range of financial topics from capital structure analysis to liability management.

The Financial Checkup

Red Arrow   Quantitative Debt Capacity

  • For Acquisitions

  • For Share Repurchases

  • Red Arrow   Optimal Debt / Equity Mix

  • Credit Rating

  • Red Arrow   Optimal Cash Balance

  • For Liquidity

  • For Strategic Purposes

  • Red Arrow   Liability (Strategic Risk) Management

  • Maturity Profile, Fix / Float Mix

  • Currency Mix

  • Inflation / Macroeconomic Mix

  • Red Arrow   Corporate Payout Policy

  • Share Repurchases / Dividends

  • Red Arrow   Valuation Drivers and Valuation

  • Payout, Ratings, Growth, Liquidity

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    The Financial Strategy Group also prepares publications on current topics. Our most recent publication, Capital Structure in the New Normal World, analyzes the delevering trend in corporate America and empirically shows how issuing equity helps the stock price performance of the issuer.
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